Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If We Want A Different Result, We Need To Change The Name

The buzz around the country, at least in pundit land, is whether a new civility will be adopted in the attempt to defeat the law that assures health care insurance for all Americans.  My prediction is that civility will give way to animosity unless the term "Obamacare" is dropped in favor of a new name, let's say "Health Care For All Americans Law."

"Obamacare" makes the fight political.  It pits all those who want to torpedo President Obama's time in office against those who would like to see him hang around awhile.  It lines up Republicans against Democrats.  In other words, it becomes the football in another Capitol Hill Super Bowl.

But that is not what the Health Care For All Americans Law is all about.

Remember in the run up to the 2008 elections, when all candidates in both parties were besieged by regular Joe The Plumber types who were losing their houses, savings, jobs, loved ones, and lives because they could not get health insurance and, hence, medical care?  Or how about the elderly who told stories about choosing between food and medicine?  The ill whose pre-existing conditions left them out in the cold, even though they actually had insurance?

These are the people for whom the Health Care For All Americans Law was passed.  Not President Obama.  Like all U.S. Presidents, senators, and representatives, he's pretty much set for life as far as health care goes.

Perhaps the new civility on Capitol Hill will last longer if Congress ditches the "Obamacare" rhetoric and keeps its focus on the intended recipients of the law's provisions.

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